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Working with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can be an intimidating experience.  With years of experience handling income tax issues and preparing returns, we provide income tax preparation, representation of IRS audits for individuals, and IRS debt resolution services throughout the United States.  IRS Circular 230 permits licensed attorneys, enrolled agents and Certified Public Accountants to appear before the IRS in all states.

Some “tax resolution services” immediately ask you to sign a contract, execute an IRS Power of Attorney, and pay a large refundable retainer so they can begin work on an Offer and Compromise.  Not all situations are appropriate an Offer and Compromise.  Ordinarily if you have assets sufficient to pay your tax debt and you do not have a good faith case for why you do not owe the debt, then you would not be eligible for an Offer and Compromise.  Unlike those services, we analyze the merits of every case before we develop a strategy and quote a fee.  Our mantra is individual customer service.   We will not take your money or file frivolous cases.  We charge $250 to analyze your case.  You can pay by certified check or PayPal.  We will send you forms to complete and instructions regarding documentation we need to review your case.  If we do not add value to your case, then we will not take the case.  Our assistance may be a simple as directing you to some resources to help yourself request an abatement of interest or penalties.

Ordinarily we will not take cases that have previously been worked on by “IRS Debt Resolution Services” or if the amount of the IRS debt is less than $25,000.

IRS collections processes move quickly and the Internal Revenue Code contains very specific deadlines for taxpayers to challenge IRS determinations and actions.  We normally charge an hourly rate in these cases and will also charge a non-refundable retainer.  The complexity of your tax situation, the amount of the debt, and posture of the case will determine the amount of the retainer and hourly rate.  We will consider a hybrid hourly and contingency fee arrangement in cases involving an IRS challenge to a taxpayer position or examination - but only as permitted by Circular 230 and when we feel the taxpayer has sufficient assets to pay our fees.  We will make a detailed analysis of the tax situation, your assets, current and future income, other debt obligations, and relevant life situations in crafting a strategy.

IRS Notice to Be Cautious in Submitting Offer and Compromise

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Disclosure, Privacy and Privilege

You cannot rely on any information on this website for legal advice.  The tax preparer privilege is limited.   Generally the IRS considers information provided to a preparer, even if the preparer is a lawyer or CPA,  for the purpose of preparing a tax return, as information that is not privileged for the purpose of responding to a criminal, IRS or other government proceeding.  Information that you provide to us or any tax preparer for the purpose of preparing your tax return cannot be divulged to a third party without your express consent. 

Disclosure on Nature of this Entity

This is not a law firm.  All services provided by this company are not considered the “practice of law” per the Internal Revenue Code and IRS Circular 230.


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