Our Service

Our Experience

We are physically located in Kentucky, but we handle and accept cases for clients all over the United States.  We normally limit our tax preparation services to Federal returns, except for original returns.  Our team has extensive experience in identifying issues of tax non compliance, preparing amended or original returns and working with the IRS on Federal tax debt.  The principal of the firm, Sam Rock, is a frequent speaker and author in matters relating to the intersection of tax and immigration.  

Our team speaks Spanish and English.  

Our Approach

We accept cases on a referral basis.  Normally the referring entity is an immigration law firm or non-profit that is seeking assistance with their client's tax matters in an immigration matter (removal case, Naturalization or residency).  

Why Us?

Our approach relates to our years of experience handling tax matters of the foreign born.  We often assist immigration counsel understand the areas of non-compliance that could impact the client's immigration case.  We do not give legal advice.  We leave the legal advise to the attorneys.  The attorney provides us with the years that he or she want and then we do the work.