Our Process

Step 1 - Referral from Immigration Attorneys

We accept tax cases from immigration counsel.  We ask that the immigration counsel send us an email advising us of the referral.  We will then send the counsel's office a referral form to have the attorney and client complete and sign.  The referral form also contains a release that enables us to discuss the client's tax information with the counsel.  We ask that the counsel's office advise us of any special issues or deadlines.   

 The client must call us for an initial consultation.  We ask that immigration counsel advise clients why they have been referred to us and that our tax service is independent of the law office.  We will not call the prospective clients.  They must initiate contact with us.  After the client calls us, then will send the client intake sheets to complete.  We will request tax returns, demographic and income information,  It is the client's responsibility to return all the information to us completed in full.  We charge for an initial consultation.  We also charge to obtain transcripts.The consultation involves review of previously filed tax returns, obtaining tax transcripts, and a recommendation to the client of what needs to be done in our opinion to become tax complaint for the years requested by the immigration counsel.    We will send the client an estimate for services.

We also ask the immigration counsel to send a copy of the 42A or 42B if the tax review relates to an application for Cancellation of Removal with an immigration Court.


Step 2 - Engagement by the Client and Initial Payment

If the client accepts the estimate for services, then he or she must sign an agreement for services and pay one half of the estimate (1/2) of the fee estimate for us to begin work on the case.  

Step 3 - Completion of the Returns

After receiving all the documents and 1/2 of payment we will prepare the original and amended tax returns.  If requested, we will also prepare a letter for the court or government authority identified by immigration counsel.  The letters discuss the sources of non-compliance that have been addressed by original or amended returns, possible causes and any tax debt.  

Assisting with tax debt is a separate engagement than preparation of tax returns.  We will not engage in a tax debt relationship until the returns have been processed by the Department of Treasury, which often takes months.

Step 4 - Filing of Returns

We will only mail the completed returns to the clients after they have paid in full.  

We mail the tax returns and cover letter for the immigration authority to the clients to sign and file with the IRS.  We advise the clients to hand deliver the returns to the IRS to file them in person and receive a file-stamped copy.  We also advise them to take the file-stamped copies to their immigration counsel with the court or government letter.  There are situations where in person filing is not appropriate or practical.  In those situations, we assist the client with mailing the returns to the appropriate IRS office.

STEP 6 - TAX Debt

We can assist clients with tax debt after returns have been processed.  Most of the debt situations can be resolved through installment agreements or an Offer in Compromise. 

As previously discussed, tax debt resolution is a separate service.  The client must call us back to engage us after their returns have been processed.

*It is not possible to show proof of the existence of an installment agreement until a tax return has been processed.